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redrawn from 2012 by Ti-O2 redrawn from 2012 :iconti-o2:Ti-O2 1 6 SampleGuy ArtTrade by Ti-O2 SampleGuy ArtTrade :iconti-o2:Ti-O2 1 7 Nierva by Ti-O2 Nierva :iconti-o2:Ti-O2 1 3 [Contest Entry] Found in the dark,Trap in the dark by Ti-O2 [Contest Entry] Found in the dark,Trap in the dark :iconti-o2:Ti-O2 3 2 Rq - The Very First Thing by Ti-O2 Rq - The Very First Thing :iconti-o2:Ti-O2 5 6 AT- So What ? by Ti-O2 AT- So What ? :iconti-o2:Ti-O2 3 9 AT - Female Nymic by Ti-O2 AT - Female Nymic :iconti-o2:Ti-O2 3 2 FemSelf by Ti-O2 FemSelf :iconti-o2:Ti-O2 7 21 Kiyoh - TG'ed by Ti-O2 Kiyoh - TG'ed :iconti-o2:Ti-O2 8 12 AT-Kay by Ti-O2 AT-Kay :iconti-o2:Ti-O2 3 6 Contest entry: Mario by Ti-O2 Contest entry: Mario :iconti-o2:Ti-O2 4 13 AT - crazycowproductions - tg Drake by Ti-O2 AT - crazycowproductions - tg Drake :iconti-o2:Ti-O2 0 9 A.T. - TGZombie - lineart by Ti-O2 A.T. - TGZombie - lineart :iconti-o2:Ti-O2 2 0 TG - tio antonius by Ti-O2 TG - tio antonius :iconti-o2:Ti-O2 18 11 Character Concept - Tio Antonius by Ti-O2 Character Concept - Tio Antonius :iconti-o2:Ti-O2 7 11

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Part of a Pair
  Today is my birthday!  Well, I guess half of my birthday.  You see, I have a twin sister, Jessica, and she's just a big goody two shoes.  Everybody loves her more than me, even if they won't admit it.
   Anyway, math class just started, so thank god the day is almost ov-  "Hey everyone, it's Jessica's birthdays!"  Suddenly the whole class breaks into a chorus of "Happy Birthday".  What's sad is that the only person who even remembers I'm Jessica's twin, Danny, thinks that she's hot.  "It's okay Jackson," he says, "At least you don't have to have a period each month."  That joke makes me burst out laughing, until I realize my teacher, Mr. Edwards, is staring at me.  "Mr. Graham, go to the office!" he commands.  Great, just my luck.
   Luckily there was only an hour left until the bell rang.  As soon as I hear it, I head to my locker, grab my stuff, and get on my bus.  A minute later, Danny gets on and
:icondafttruth:DaftTruth 268 22
Game On
   “Dude, this game is going to be so epic.”  
   “I know, right?”
   My friend, Tony, and I are waiting in line at Gamestop for what would probably be the game of the year, “SimUall”.  I made extra sure to take the weekend off of my job so I could play this as much as I liked.  Tony nudged me in the arm, “Max, dude, I can’t believe we’re the first people in line.”  “I’m here with you, man,” I reply, “There has to be at least a hundred people behind us.”
   A few minutes later, the store clerk opens up the door and everyone streams in.  I get to cashier first.  She looks at me and smiles, “Hello sir, how may I help you?”  I get my receipt out and say, “Yeah, I’d like to get my preordered copy of SimUlife.” “Coming right up sir.”  She then reaches behind the counter and hands me
:icondafttruth:DaftTruth 279 25
Taking Home a Prize
   “Hey Jim, do you have a minute?”
   I walk up to my friend, Todd, while heading to Study Hall.
   “Sure, man.  What is it?”
   “Well,” he begins, “You know that bet I made with Anderson?  Well, I still sorta owe him.  Can you, you know, bail me out?”  I sigh.  “It depends.  What do you want me to do?”  Todd starts to nervously shift his eyes.  “Well, it involves going into the girl’s locker room…”
   “What? No, dude, I-”  “Listen man,” Todd counters, “A bet is still a bet, no matter how much of a pervert Anderson is.  Dude, look, if I get in trouble again, then my mom will kill me.”  I think this over.  “Okay, even if I was in on this, how would I get past Mrs. Beatty?”  Todd smiles.  “I already thought of that.”  
:icondafttruth:DaftTruth 298 18
Dahliaaaaaah by wizard898 Dahliaaaaaah :iconwizard898:wizard898 7 2 After work by wizard898 After work :iconwizard898:wizard898 39 5 Team BRKE Beacon Uniforms by isaiahjordan Team BRKE Beacon Uniforms :iconisaiahjordan:isaiahjordan 341 46 Sketchdailies: Joan of Arc by Skyserpent Sketchdailies: Joan of Arc :iconskyserpent:Skyserpent 221 20 Companion Mashup by Skyserpent Companion Mashup :iconskyserpent:Skyserpent 422 24 Maximum Spooky Mashup by Skyserpent Maximum Spooky Mashup :iconskyserpent:Skyserpent 460 35


still manage to do inktober so far, hopefully i can make it through the entire month :)
welp whaddya now. an update from me! ( though i dont think anyone is going to read this anyway)

anyway, university is as busy as ever. though i ve been consistently drawing. there is nothing worth submitting though. many are only sketches, and i havent made the time to hone my inking.  

Plus, my laptop charger is acting up again. It broke several months back which made me buy the universal charger ( since its less costly) which supposedly can be used for all laptop. however, the plugs seems to break rather easily. Additionally, since I have been forcing it to fit it to my laptop. i think it changes the laptop's charging slot since my old charger doesnt fit any longer...

well. lets see how it goes


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Whenever an idea comes to me I feel better when I draw it out rather than have it sit in my mind. I'm interested to see what you'll come up with.
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